Lee Jong-Suk & Park Bo-Young in ‘Blood Boiling Youth’


photo: Lotte Entertainment

(K-popculture) – - Actress Park Bo-Young and Lee Jong-Suk are cast for a movie ‘Blood Boiling Youth.’

The distributor Lotte Entertainment said on the 6th “Movie ‘Blood Boiling Youth’ directed by Lee Yeon-Woo known for ‘Running Turtle’ will star Park Bo-Young, Lee Jong-Suk, Lee Se-Young and Kim Young-Kwang.”

Lee Jong-Suk who is the center of attention after his last TV show ‘I Hear Your Voice’ on SBS will play Joong-Gil, a legendary casanova of Heongseong agricultural high school, and Park Bo-Young who played a lively character in her films ‘Wolf Boy’ and ‘Speedy Scandal’ will be Young-Sook, a delinquent leading some outstanding henchmen in the school.

Lee Se-Young will play the most pure girl So-Hee with white skin in slender shape who is a new student from Seoul appealing male students and Kim Young-Kwang will play Gwang-Sik, leader of a clique Phoenix at Heongseong technical high school, who became the ringleader in the fist lane.

The producer said “Four beautiful actors and actresses brightened up the atmosphere of the shooting set from the beginning.”

The film directed by Lee Yeon-Woo known for ‘Running Turtle’ will depict romances passionate enough to boil blood of young people such as a female delinquent dominating Heongseong, Chungnam, a legendary casanova, a leader of a clique Phoenix and a new student from Seoul.

The movie began shooting on August 1 in Sunchang, Jeonbuk and will be released in the first half of 2014.

by Lee Yi-Seul(ssmoly6@gmail.com)

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