Actress Jeon Hye-Jin and actor Lee Seon-Kyun’s sparkling youth, ‘Love, Love, Love’


(K-popculture) – - In the spring, <Love, Love, Love> written by Mike Bartlett, transrated and directed by Lee Sang-Woo, starring Jeon Hye-Jin and Lee Seon-Kyun is up on the stage by Myeondong Arts Theater.

love love loveActual couple, Jeon Hye-Jin and Lee Seon-Kyun appears as ‘Sandra’ and ‘Kenneth’. Sandra and Kenneth met and married in 1967, the Beatles’ ‘All you need is love’ is sung. Two young people longing for freedom and wanted to spark love become middle-aged having a comfortable house, beautiful children, and good job. But they realize those are the things that they want.

<Love, Love, Love> is getting attention for meeting of screenwriter Mike Bartlett one of Britain’s most aspiring writers who was born in 1980s and director Lee Sang-Woo, one of Korea’s representative director who is similar to the main character as Baby Boomer.

<Love, Love, Love> is performing at the Myeongdong Arts Theater from March 27 to April 21.

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